Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Summer of bellydance in Glastonbury

Just a quick update on the Bellydancing that is happening in Glastonbury with me this summer.

This year's Summer School course is fast approaching.

Last year I took a break from my usual weekly routine, to do a series of 6 mini workshops. I got great feedback from that, so I decided to do something similar, but bigger and better.

Whether you are a fairly new, or experienced dancer Summer School 2014 is going to give you the opportunity to learn loads of new skills, and have  lots of fun. The theme is props, and specifically, we are going to be looking at some less traditional props so you will get the opportunity to try out lots of unusual props and add your favourites to your dance.

It's a 6 week course, but I'm splitting it into 2 halves, so you can do the whole lot, or just half to fit around your holidays.

In the first half we are focussing on veils. As well as conventional veil work, we are going to explore double veil and fan veils.

In the second half you can have a go at balancing, where will will look at how to construct a sword or tray routine. We will also cover hand fans, poi and palm candles. Get your booking in now, before the earlybird discount flies!

If you would like to brush up on your basics, or are a newcomer to dance, I am also running a Fundamentals course this summer alongside Summer School, there are substantial discounts for those who book both together.

We are also getting a fabulous visitor all the way from Texas! Michelle Manx is coming over for Gothla, and we are stealing her en route for a workshop on her own Pin Up Bellydance style. There's a little bit of burlesque and a lot of fun!

If you are interested in learning a new style, improving your stage presence, or simply enjoying dancing, you can book online (or in person with me) and join us on July 20th at 2pm in the Red Brick Building.

I'm doing several private workshops over the summer too. If you are interested in booking me to teach a group, or at your event, give me a shout. I have just created a fabulous Dark Cabaret choreography (a little burlesque and a little creepy) which is going to form the basis of a great workshop.

If you are interested in watching some bellydance, I'm going to be at the Bellygees' Hula Hafla in Axminster on July 5th. I will be dancing a drum solo with a  live drummer. The line up looks great so expect a fabulous show.

Looking forward there is still more delights to come this year.

If you fancy a trip over to the dark side, even just for a little visit, this Autumn I will be running a short course on Dark Fusion style bellydance. As usual there will also be a Fundamentals course running alongside, but this one will be Tribal Fusion basics.

My weekly classes are still taking place at the Goddess Hall, mondays at 11.30, and usually accompanied by our lovely drummer Pete on darbuka. I am going to be making more announcements about weekly classes very soon.....

Have a good summer, and I hope to be dancing with you soon!

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