Wednesday, 21 January 2015

More great news for Bridgwater bellydance

So my lovely Bridgwater class - Tuesdays at Bridgwater College, 7.30pm - is going really well! I'm so pleased to have met a brilliant bunch of dancers, some new, some not so new, who are gamely throwing themselves into the class and catching on really well. We have plenty of space still, and I'm still welcoming newcomers who would like to join us.

I've been asked about running a daytime class, as I do in Glastonbury, so as of February, that's what I am going to do!

The Bridgwater daytime class will run on Monday afternoons, from 1.30 to 2.30 at the YMCA and, like Glastonbury, is an open level class - although my expectation is that most will be beginning level dancers at first. It will be running in term time, with breaks in the school holidays.

If you purchase classes on 5 lesson vouchers (5 lessons for £25, no need to book specific sessions), your vouchers will be valid for any of my bellydance classes, so you are free to attend any or all of the sessions on that. Covenstead's Curious Cottage on Glastonbury High St are also offering a generous discount to dancers who pre-pay for my classes, so take your voucher with you when you go to check out their range of coin belts, skirts, tops and jewelry.

I'm looking forward to meeting even more fabulous new dancers.

The year is definitely up and running now, with workshop and performance bookings starting to come in. It's all looking very exciting, so keep watching this space!

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