Friday, 27 March 2015

Spring news roundup!

The latest buzz from Scarlet Lotus bellydance classes in Glastonbury and Bridgwater

Wow! That term rushed past!

Back in January I shimmied off to new territories and rekindled the raqs flame in Bridgwater with some weekly classes.

I've met some fabulous dancers, some brand new, some more experienced and I have really enjoyed tuning into the needs of a new area. Our first term ended with some beautiful veil entrance work, accompanied by Doum Tekka on darbuka.

Having taken feedback from the Bridgwater dancers, and potential dancers in the area, I have decided to make a couple of adjustments for the new term. Firstly we will be moving to a new venue. The YMCA has an absolutely beautiful studio space, mirrored with a sprung wood floor and integral sound system. It's a bit more central than the College so it should be more accessible.

I am also adjusting the format. Last term was intended as a Fundamentals course, although I made adjustments as we went along. I have a lovely mix of dancers with different levels of experience and so I am going to be teaching the Concepts and Context format which works on different levels with the aim of challenging each dancer comfortably within her own ability. I aim to make the dance accessible to beginners (although I don't cover the basics so intensively as fundamentals) and directly deals with musicality, expression and stylisation from the outset.

The Facebook event for the first class of the new term is here. We will be at the YMCA (George Williams House) every Tuesday evening at 7.30 to 8.30. Newcomers are always welcome, as are familiar faces.

I've also had a great start to the year on the other side of the studio as a learner. The Majma Dance Festival in Glastonbury was excellent for me this year, as I had the opportunity to take 5 workshops with one of my absolute favourite performers, Ava Fleming, and also some private tuition with her to really geek out and fine tune some technical stuff. It was am amazing experience and I ended the weekend even more bursting with joy and enthusiasm for dance than usual.

As usual I've been doing some performing and "irregular" teaching. I've been to Cardiff and Exeter for haflas, as well as some commercial performing and a hen-do.

Last week was the solar eclipse, and I headed off up the Tor to meet Laura Daligan for some fire dancing... because, well, it seemed like a smashing plan. We danced to Doum Tekka's drums and got our photo featured in the Central Somerset Gazette.

I'm really looking forward to the next few months. I'll be starting training with Alexis Southall, in her Tribal Fusion Education Programme. I am also taking some teaching intensives with Shona Hagan, which is an amazing opportunity to improve my teaching skills with the help of one of my own favourite Oriental dance teachers. Then there is an intensive with the awesome Ashley Lopez in May.

The new term of my weekly Bridgwater class will of course be beginning, and my Glastonbury Goddess Hall group continues as always, every Monday at 11.30am. I'm also teaching a few workshops over the summer, including visiting groups and a large festival.

There's a few hafla's coming up that I am looking forward to dancing at, and catching up with my favourite local dancers. Doum Tekka and I will be performing together in Binegar in June and Axminster in July. I am also formulating some extra special plans for workshops and an evening event, which I shall tell you about closer to the time.

Watch this space!

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