Friday, 16 October 2015

No dancer is an island.

Recently I have been up to my ears in all sorts (apologies for the blog absence) and a lot of that has to do with collaborations!

I wrote recently about my ongoing work with Doum Tekka, our resident darbuka player, which, apart from brief work with musicians - like the Miss Bellydance UK competition in 2013-  represents the sum total of my work with others since leaving Juno in Weymouth. All of a sudden I have 2 separate collaborative performances happening in the same week!

Firstly is on Thursday 29th October in the Glastonbury Assembly rooms. Gaia's Union is putting on a night of entertainment from local performers to raise money for Syrian refugees.

Laylet Amar is a collaboration involving local dancer, Oona la Luna, myself, and musicians Mark Ommadom, Elvin Herrick and Michael Burridge. We are doing a set of around 20 minutes including musical favourites. Also performing are a whole bunch of brilliant local bands and performers. If you are local, you should come.

I'm really looking forward to rehearsing with these guys over the next couple of weeks. I've danced to Elvin's fantastic drumming before in training, but otherwise this is the first time I have performed with any of the collective, so it's all very new and exciting!

In contrast, the next collaboration of the week is with my oldest dance peer. We've known each other since before either of us started dancing, and it was witnessing her love of the dance that inspired me to seek out a good teacher after a disastrous first few lessons nearly put me off dance entirely. We train together with Alexis Southall, but actually, we've never performed together before either!

Kitty Kohl and I are dancing together at the Glitterball Shakedown - The Infusion Emporium festival's notorious afterparty. Living on opposite sides of the country has made choreography and rehearsal a bit tricky, but it's looking great  so far and I'm really looking forward to performing in Wolverhampton on November 1st.

Infusion Emporium, guaranteed epic dance times and you can still book in.

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