Sunday, 21 June 2015

A workshop for you stone-cold vixens.

I thought I would take a moment to give a little more information about the workshop I will be teaching on July 26th - the awesome day of workshops and hafla in Glastonbury!

"You leave me cold" is a choreography in my Dark Cabaret style, with it's roots in bellydance it is heavily influenced by jazz, burlesque and film noir.

This is the first time I have offered this workshop to the public, although it is tried and true (with a private group) and proved to be great fun.

The deliciously dark music this choreography is built upon is this sultry track by Jill Tracey

So why should you sign up to this workshop?

Learn a choreography which you will be entitled to perform, as a solo or group. I provide written notes and a video link to make sure you don't find yourself stuck and forgetful. You can also take any elements - steps or combinations from this choreography and use them in new material.

Discover the styling and influences of this fun and sassy fusion style, bringing in elements of characterisation and stage presence. Find your inner femme fatale! This is my own signature fusion, which has evolved from a hotpot of training, cultural influences, trial and hilarious error.

Gain a deeper understanding of musicality and interpretation.

Have fun with awesome people.

Who is it for?

This is an open level workshop, which means that almost anyone can come along and keep up, however I would strongly advise that you have nailed the fundamental movements of basic bellydance as I will not be drilling any movements for very long.

The choreography is differentiated with some layers for improver to intermediate dancers, but simpler alternatives for beginner to improver level dancers. It is not particularly demanding in terms of fitness, although you will be dancing for almost all of the 2 hours.

I will be breaking down technique briefly, so if you are from a different "school" of bellydance, you will not have any translation issues!

People of all ages, sizes and genders are welcome - All I ask of you is a will to learn and the drive to give it a go.

Who's teaching it?

Me! Hi! I'm Kash, I teach the regular weekly Scarlet Lotus classes in Bridgewater and Glastonbury. If you are local you may have encountered me performing at haflas, or teaching a workshop or hanging out at festivals like Majma. If you are less local we might still have met at other events and classes like Gothla, because I get about a bit.

I'm a Classical Oriental style dancer first and foremost, although I also have a strong background in Tribal Fusion and Gothic bellydance. I perform a lot of fusion, vintage inspired pieces and drum solos with Doum Tekka.

I have completed JWWAD's foundation course for teaching and I am an affiliate member of The JTA. I have also completed Bex Priest's "Ghoul School" foundation for Dark Fusion teachers. I am a graduate anatomist with a specialist interest in movement and biomechanics which really helps me to interpret my students' movement and give helpful technical feedback.

I am a committed dancer, technique pedant and geek of all things dance related.

In my free time I like to set things on fire and hug chickens. Not at the same time.

I am really looking forward to this fabulous day of dance, I hope you can join us.

Book your place online here - there is a discount if you book all 3 workshops on the day!

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