Friday, 5 June 2015

Summer is here and it's time to party!

Bellydance workshops and hafla in Glastonbury!

So this week it's a news post *bellydance news jingle*

I want to tell you about some fabulous stuff that's happening on Sunday the 26th July.

We had such a great time with Michelle Manx last summer that when I was contacted on behalf of Samantha Riggs - over from the US for Gothla UK this year - I was thrilled to have the opportunity to host another high calibre teacher in our locale.

At the time I was already arranging with the gorgeous Demelza Fox, who had a workshop she wanted to share with us; and in a spell of typical Glastonbury synchronicity, it turned out that both Demelza and Samantha suggested the same day. Thus, the biggest Scarlet Lotus event to date was conceived!

So I bet you want to know what's happening, don't you?

Well, we've got a day full of workshops. Samantha is doing a Bollywood workshop which is guaranteed to be immense fun, not to mention Samantha's incredible skill in this style, Demelza is going to be doing a performance workshop which just sounds amazing, if any of us can go away with just a sniff of her poise and stage presence we'll be winning, finally, I'm going to be teaching a sassy choreography in my characteristic Dark Cabaret style.

After all that we are going to need to let our hair down, so there will be a hafla. That means performances from the workshop teachers, alongside other local dancers, teachers and student groups. If you want a dance slot, let me know.

We can bring our own food in for the hafla, so bring a plate. We can't bring alcohol in as the venue will not allow it, but the bar is well stocked and reasonable.

The event is happening at Abbey Moor Stadium, the home of Glastonbury football club. It's got a great event space, separate green room for performers, kitchen facilities and a licensed bar. Not to mention loads of parking. It's 10 minutes walk from the centre of Glastonbury and easily accessible from the A39. It's also right next to the Isle of Avalon Caravan park, for those who like to roll out of a hafla and straight into their tent.

I'd love for you to join us in helping make this event meet it's awesome potential. Tickets are already on sale on my site, so what are you waiting for?

This glitterball represents the lively party atmosphere that I can guarantee at the hafla.
I can't guarantee this glitterball however. Or any glitterball, although there are some rather fancy lights.

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