Sunday, 21 June 2015

Divine intervention

Continuing with some background info about our workshops for the July 26th Hafla in Glastonbury. We've heard about my Dark Cabaret workshop, so let's go for the next one.

Presence of the Priestess: Crafting stage presence through meditation and embodiment with Demelza Fox

I am so happy to be hosting Demelza, she's a beautiful dancer both technically and expressively; I just can't wait to see what she has for us.

This is Demelza's summary of her workshop:

Using meditation, body awareness and Goddess-embodiment techniques to craft an expansive, full stage presence.

A workshop full of techniques to expand your stage presence, time to explore and experiment (play!) with the techniques, culminating in a short, slow, dark-fusion inspired dance combination.

Demelza's stage presence is truly spellbinding, if she can transmit a 10th of the magic she creates on stage to her students, this workshop will be exceptionally worthwhile.

Take a look at her in action:

Meet the teacher

[the following is taken from Demelza's own website]

Demelza Fox (known as Demi) is the resident teacher at the Serpentine School. A fantastic and passionate teacher and long time student of belly dance, she loves to travel the world to further her studies and bring belly dance skills back to share with her students here at the School.

She has trained intensively with belly dance mega stars such as Suhaila Salimpour, Zoe Jakes, Kami Liddle, Samantha Emanuel and Rachel Brice, and is a committed and innovative practitioner of Belly Dance. She has represented Belly Dance with the best at various London and nationwide theatre shows, and performed in a touring theatrical belly dance theatre show. She has a reputation for being an innovator of the belly dance format and is nationally renowned for her dedication, passion and incredible performance skills.

Demelza runs The Serpentine Fatale, an avant-garde Tribal Fusion dance and production company, specialising in bringing fairy-tale inspired theatrical splendour to a wider audience. She also runs Merlesque, the UK's top mermaid performance company, and enchants adults and kiddies around the UK as a mermaid performer.

So don't delay, take this opportunity to train with a fabulous teacher. Book online now, and don't forget, there is a discount if you book all 3 workshops together.

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